That's My Tree

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That's My Tree

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Not only are you helping us make history in the field of Veterinary Medicine in Canada, you’re going to help save the environment too! Trees provide wildlife with food, shelter, and a place to call home, while cleaning our air and helping combat climate change. For just $20 USD we’ll plant an evergreen tree seedling at HEEFS in your honor, talk about making a great investment! 

(The trees are around 12" tall.  The trees will be planted at the earliest available opportunity,)

Option 1: $20 / Donation
Option 2: $27/  Donation + the cost we incur for admin and the physical tree.

All currency in US funds. You have the option to select the $20 donation - OR - the donation + the cost we incur for admin., perk & processing fees for $27.00. 

Tax receipts issued on donations from Canada and U.S. residents only. Reg'd. CDN Charity No. 807598578RR0001. Reg'd.U.S. Charity No. 30-0951775.

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